Course Design and Assessment

Course Design

This qualification is designed specifically for staff working in Member Services.

Each learner will register and be matriculated as a student of West Lothian College.   After registration, the learner will work through the 3 Units that make up the course at their own pace, in their own Council and will follow an organised course schedule that will be peculiar to their own Council.    This schedule will include a series of in house training sessions that will provide underpinning knowledge and understanding for the qualification and will develop skills and professional practice.

Course content will be covered through 3 Units:

Unit 1:  The Council Structure, Policy and Practice
Unit 2:  Working within the Political Framework
Unit 3:  Providing Administrative Support and Using ICT

Course content will be available to learners in a modular form.  Each module/unit will attract 12 SCQF credit points at SCQF Level 7.   Learners will be provided with appropriate course study materials and will have access to an on line VLE to support their learning.

Each unit will be formally assessed.

Achievement of the qualification will be based on successful completion of all 3 Units.

The Assessment Process

For each unit studied, learners undertaking this award will be required to build a Portfolio of Evidence to achieve the stated Learning Outcomes.

The Portfolio of Evidence will be made up of research material and a series of assignments in the form of:

  • Written essays or reports
  • Presentations
  • Questionnaires
  • Work documents relating to the Learning Outcomes
  • Written evaluations of case studies.

Learners will be presented with a written assignment brief for the unit studied, with structured guidelines that will assist the learner towards achievement of the Learning Outcomes for that particular unit.

The assignment will be marked, in the first instance, by a member of the Member Services Team who will be appointed as the Professional Expert for that Council.  This process will be dependent upon the preferred choice of each Council.

Feedback will be given to the learner within two weeks of the assignment deadline.  Learners will have one additional opportunity to remediate work that does not meet the specified criteria and to re-submit work.

Assessment arrangements will be flexible to take account of learners who may have a particular need.

West Lothian College will be responsible for the overall quality of assessment decisions made and will undertake all External Verification of this qualification.