The Member Services Professional Development Certificate


This Qualification originated from the work of the Scottish Member Services Development Network (SMSDN).

The Scottish Member Services Development Network is a forum made up of representatives from Member Services departments from Scottish Councils.   The Network members are experienced professionals in the field of Member Services and are currently employed in a variety of roles within each Council.

There is currently no nationally recognised qualification or training for Member Services Support Staff.   In many Scottish authorities member support is classified as administrative, secretarial or clerical support and yet the member support job is a much more complex role, focused on work within the Political Environment.

Work was started a number of years ago to develop an SVQ that could be accessed by member support staff but this has not yet come to fruition and the SMSDN decided to take action to develop a qualification now that is fit for purpose for member support staff.

There is sufficient demand throughout Scotland for training and recognition of the important work carried out by Member Support Staff. By pulling resources the Network discovered that progress in the development of a new qualification could be made very quickly.

The standards for this qualification have been designed and developed by the SMSDN and are particular to this field of work.

For any enquiries about the qualification, please contact:

Pauline Bolson
01835 826503